Porterhouse Steak – this one’s my invention!! YUM!

I kind of invented the ‘sauce’ and probably shouldn’t have put all the juice in there (health reasons lol) – it’s porterhouse steak, pan fried, then I chucked some rosemary and butter around it and basted it with that.. then put cherry tomatoes & mustard sauce in the mix & cooked a little longer, basting occasionally, then served with mashed spuds.

I’m no chef, therefore there is no real recipe.. next time I cook it I’ll write it all down!

Halfway through….


I had intended on having other veggies with it but Mum called for a chat so didn’t get them on!

Was very very tasty! Oh.. I had also intended to only have a few slices of the steak, but ended up devouring the lot haha! I Cooked this when I w as home alone and really this piece would have served 2 (at least) – will definitely be doing it again!

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