Rolled Lamb Roast (my own recipe)

I love those little rolled lamb roasts you can buy at the supermarket, but always like to try something new with it.  This one I decided to try my hand at mixing things I know work together – and it was gorgeous! (once again I ate too much!)

lamb1 (1 of 1)SM
In a pan, on baking paper (I find it really helps with cleanup!) I brushed olive oil onto the roast. Inserted rosemary – (from my garden, I grow herbs) and sprinkled some oregon & basil, and salt & pepper. Around the roast I placed some cherry tomatoes & onion.
lamb2 (1 of 1)SM
I had made some of Neelys BBQ Sauce and trickled a bit of it over the roast.

*Neelys BBQ Sauce Recipe*


lamb3 (1 of 1)SM
Baked in the oven (according to instructions on the packet – ie 1hr per kg) – and rested before slicing and serving. I did baste the lamb a few times during cooking.
lamb4 (1 of 1)SM
I was on my own again – rarely have anyone to feed on the weekends! So.. once again ate way too much. Served with Broccoli,, corn, peas & mash. It was lovely!

It’s not a gravy on the meat, but a lovely sauce which came from the BBQ sauce and spices.  Delicious and so so tender! Oh I do eat well! haha!

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    Revisiting this one – SO good.. and I really want to do it again in the next few days!! Try it.. you might like it 😉


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