The Lessons of Pork Belly

One of my favorite meals  is Pork Belly!! Planning to do a belly this week at some stage – orange glazed! Oh My!!

A friend of mine went out for dinner the other night and decided on a pork belly meal.. I was SO jealous! He sent me an image on his phone and all day I’ve been drooling – decided to come home and chase up a few new recipes! This is how I decide on my meals – it takes a lot of planning ahead I guess, well a day of planning, the next day I have it all ready to go – I will be doing this one on Wednesday night since my boring meal is planned for tonight – and tomorrow night’s is also catered for!

Tonight’s meal will be pretty bad, but I’ll post it anyway.  My ‘kids’ requested ‘mummy made chips’ – oh dear.. Son 2 thinks I should market my chips – I think not ! That will be shown in my next post.. they’re a total failure but SO SO amazing to eat! Having them with the humble sausages and egg!

Sausages are not the same here in aus as they are elsewhere I don’t think? I’d love to hear from others to see what YOU call them! Here’s a pic though – of what WE call sausages – or *snags* – on a barby!!

again , not my image!
again, not my image!

Check out what this blogger has to say about Pork Belly!

The Lessons of Pork Belly.

This one is interesting too!!

Crispy Vanilla Bourbon Glazed pork belly!

Oh MY!! THIS looks amazing!!

Sweet & Spicy Glazed Pork Belly

Then I found THIS recipe:

Golden Asian Pork Belly

THIS will be the one I cook later this week – here’s an image from that page!

NOT my image – please see link above for the recipe.

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  1. If you have any skin left over, cut it into small strips and deep fry it, then toss it in some cajun seasoning. You will have Cracklin, a favorite snack in the Southern United States. Make sure you let it go until the skin pops. If you use the rest of the belly, the meat gets really hard before the skin pops, so I recommend just using the skin for that.
    Another pork belly gem is a new twist on bacon wrapped scallops, where you would braise the pork belly and cut it into small bits and serve it with some blackened scallops.


    1. Webbed Food says:

      Oooh thank you – will have to try cracklin! Not sure of what you call a scallop? To me that is seafood or.. scalloped potato?


      1. Seafood, the adductor muscle—scalloped potato refers to the way the potato is cut. A little bit about that here:


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