**Mummy Made Chips** Cooking like a NOOB!

My kids have grown up – on possibly the worst food.  Some of it has become a family favorite and is often requested! One of those meals is this one! Really? UGH!!! I used to attempt chips (aka fries) and they ALWAYS turned out bad!! But the kids LOVE them.. WITH the humble sausage.. and an egg!

So.. enough potato to feed your troops, a trusty fry-pan and some olive oil. To start with – chop up the chips.. and put them in the pan with hot oil (Yes this is very basic – I don’t write recipes remember – just say it as it’s done)….

The beginning
I’m using a very old electric fry-pan my kids gave me for mothers day – back when I hated cooking!

I tend to cook the chips forever.. so they really get crispy bits (see later) and get all gooey! This is the trick to my chips – oh dear!

After the chips have been cooking for say 20 mins, I put some sausages in another pan.  I don’t want to squash things up – those chips need ALL the room they can have – to make them ‘perfect’ (which they won’t be – but they are to my kids.. oh this is getting messy!)

Prick the snags (sausages) in several places.. I’m using gluten free sausages, with a little olive oil to stop them sticking – just a tiny bit! 1tb

I’m cooking these in my Tagine base – yum!

Keep tossing those chips!! They need to get mushy and crisp – I have no die hard heat setting either – I just adjust it to my needs.  Toss those snags too! Once the sausages are cooked, and the chips are looking perfect(ly bad) – I put the sausages in with the chips for a little while. I don’t know why – but it’s part of this recipe!! just do it?

Share that pan!
You need to ‘make this work’ – try not to mix the sausages with the chips – keep them in their own area as much as possible! Oooh look at the chips – they’re looking great!

NOW for the hard part!! Everything is cooked – stack the chips up, and stack up the sausages, leaving enough room for all the eggs you need to cook.  It is important ‘apparently’ that you don’t stack the sausages onto the chips or vice versa.. Put some egg rings into the pan, and into those, the eggs.  The heat now is ‘around medium somewhere’ so you don’t burn those eggs.  Salt the chips a bit and keep tossing those while the eggs cook.  After a little while I remove those rings – and let them cook to perfection.  I don’t turn them!

Keep tossing the chips till the eggs are done! Then serve.  The sausages ‘should’ look a little bit frazzled (see image), the chips will be perfect! Some sloppy bits, some ultra crispy bits, and the occasional ‘perfect chip’ if  you can find it – and the eggs? THEY will be perfect!

Voila! Serve – add some salt and pepper if you want – and some tomato sauce!

Voila! Bon appetit!
Oh dear – this egg didn’t look pink.. it’s my bad photo! But here tis! The sausages are a little bit shriveled from overcooking – The chips – can we call them that? Crispy bits, soggy bits, perfect bits!! Oh and that EGG – Oh my – that’s awesome!!

Try it sometime! My excuse is.. I wasn’t taught how to cook.. I made it up as I went along and hoped that one night I might make something tasty! Turns out this one IS – it just breaks every rule!! Oh.. one last note – try using cookie cutters to make different shaped eggs! 😉

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