Crumpets – What a task!

As promised, I made crumpets by following the video on Youtube by the One Pot Chef.

While it was relatively easy – I did have some issues with actually cooking them – we’ll get into this soon …

The yeast mixture did exactly as he said it would – perfect in fact – and I managed to create the entire batter to perfection – according to instructions.

Adding water to it at the end, it still looked perfect!

Frying though? I tried to use my Tagine base.  It has never failed me!! Today – it did 😦 I was shattered! The batter stuck to the pan..

Trying the tagine..

First Batch - ewww

I also wasn’t so impressed with how THIN these things were – I used egg rings as I don’t have a crumpet ring – they really exist? I guess so – I’ll be scouring kitchen gadget stores over the next few weeks in a bid to find them!


I decided to resort to my ONLY non stick fry-pan.  This thing is SO old and stained and disgusting looking – it’s tiny! I think it’s been used camping a gazillion times! Anyway, dragged it out and was only able to cook one crumpet at a time – as 2 egg rings wouldn’t fit!

The old pan

I got  a much better result! Oh.. I also decided to flip the crumpets over for a minute – as seen in another recipe, just to make it a little more golden on top.

Some for my kids...

After a little while, I realized I could flip the cooked crumpet over, and have  another crumpet cooking! OHHH I’m SO brilliant!!

I did substitute the  baking soda for some baking powder – instead of 1/4 tsp baking soda, I used 1/2tsp baking powder.  I think I used my BS up cleaning my last house! It worked out well – I did wonder if it would bubble as well….

Taste test: – oh.. home made Strawberry Jam too! Superb!

The first little fatty..

After a while, since it took SO damn long to cook these with my tiny pan – the batter went ‘flat’ looking! I really thought this was the end.. but in fact they came out BETTER! I think, next time, I’ll let the batter sit a little longer, and get rid of a few of the bubbles!

gone flat

This took me a lot longer than it should have – I need to go and buy a pancake type fry-pan – this would save me a ton of time! Have seen them recently at Aldi – guess where I’m going Monday!

The finished product – and after all that – very successful! They were superb! Very small, and I don’t like the thought of putting them in a toaster because of the size. Mastered the art though – and extremely happy!  Much nicer than store bought!

My Feast

Bon appetit!

Om nom nom!!

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