Bellini Air Fryer.. new purchase – om nom nom!!

Today I got my new Bellini Air Fryer! See it HERE

Bellini Air Fryer

My kids (as adult as they are..) LOVE fried food.. LOVE takeaway! What I’m trying to do is eliminate the waste of money spent on fast foods.. AND eliminate all the FAT  intake!!

Of course my first ever experiment in this thing will be fish & chips.  I have NO idea how to use it apart from the very minimal instructions!

If anyone has a link to a good page where I can get some pointers I’d really appreciate it!

*off to cook*

2 Comments Add yours

  1. It look nice and I think it’s good. It seem Philips is still the best air fryer out there.


    1. Webbed Food says:

      No idea.. but with mine, not an issue so I’m happy with it! I know there are a lot of Phillips fans out there, but am unable to compare – I REALLY want the pasta maker from Phillips – looks amazing!


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