Home made KFC – a review

This was lovely!! Next time I will try cooking it in the Air Fryer to reduce a bit of the fat.  I don’t have a deep fryer so did mine in a fry pan – and used olive oil rather than corn oil.  I think the Corn oil would have completed the taste.  It was slightly different, but VERY VERY tasty and my kids loved it! I cheated and served with frozen packet fries as I haven’t quite mastered them yet myself. Ingredients and link below.

Adding the spices to the flour ready to coat the chicken.
Adding the spices to the flour ready to coat the chicken.

I like to set up plates.. with each ‘dip’ and work in a process line.  I find plates easier to use than bowls.  Very messy process of course, so it’s always handy to have some washing water ready at the end to clean your hands up!


I only had chicken legs, will also try next time with other chicken pieces.  It was very crunchy and very tasty and will definitely do it again! Big thumbs up from all in the house! Try it!

Oh.. I also made a little ‘chicken salt’ for the fries – a mixture of salt and a little bit of chicken stock powder – it was delish!

Here’s the ***LINK*** – and ingredients:

Published on Jan 6, 2013

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Secret ingredient:
-1 TEASPOON ground Oregano
-1 tablespoon ground Basil
-1 TEASPOON ground Tarragon
-1 tablespoon ground Marjoram
-1 tablespoon ground Sage
-1 tablespoon ground Black pepper
-1 tablespoon ground White pepper
-1 TEASPOON ground Chili
-1 tablespoon ground Paprika
-3 tablespoon ground Salt
-1 tablespoon Onion Powder
-3 tablespoon granulated garlic
-3 Cup All-purpose Flour (375 grams)
Batter process:
-2 eggs
-Cup milk
Frying process:
-1 Gallon of Corn Oil (first 8 to 10 minutes at 320 Fahrenheit, maximum temperature for 1-3 minutes)

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