Eye Fillet with Red Wine Jus & Roast Veggies

I got paid, and felt like a treat! Went to the butcher and picked the most gorgeous looking slab of eye fillet I have ever seen! Again.. I don’t do recipes well – but hopefully you can work from this.  Please ask questions and give feedback.  The images are taken with my phone, so not as clear as I’d like.  This meal was amazing!

Firstly – my eye fillet was 700g – I learned there are two ends of it.. I got the one that apparently is the most tender.  Good choice!

To prepare the meat, I put some oil in a roasting pan, and about half a cup of wine.  I tied the meat to keep it in shape as it was a little messy.. didn’t want burnt bits, so wrapped it neatly and put a few ties on.  Meat – into the pan, and put some herbs over it.  I used oregano, basil, granulated garlic, salt & pepper.  Also chopped an onion into 4 pieces and placed it around the beef to keep it in position.

Tied and coated in herbs - ready to roast!
Tied and coated in herbs – ready to roast!

Oven temp – 120C – and cooked it for around 10 minutes before turning.

Once turned, I put more herbs on, and cooked again for around 10 minutes.  I then removed it and covered with foil.

In the meantime I had cut up some veggies (whatever your choice) and put them in a bag of 1tb olive oil and gave them a good shake.  Arranged them onto a tray lined with baking paper, and sprinkled them with the same herbs.

Vegetables sprinkled with herbs
Vegetables sprinkled with herbs

I had turned the oven up to 180.  Placed them in the oven and cooked for 20 mins.  Personally I love my veggies extra crisp so they do cook for a long time, to ensure they’re soft in the middle and crisp on the outside.  After the initial cook, I turned them, and cooked a further 20 mins.  All up – I did 3 turns, 4 cooks.. and they come out perfect. Other cooking processes are in place as these are cooking.

In the meantime.. I made the Jus – aka Red Wine Reduction.  *drooooool*


reduced wine

I used **THIS** recipe.. Very easy, but yes it does take time!! I used a fresh rosemary sprig instead as I have it growing in my garden. SO SO GOOD!!!!

Once the first reduction was done, I heated a pan to medium/high heat (my trusty tagine base) with a TB olive oil in it and placed the beef in to brown it all over.  This didn’t take long – so watch it as you are still cooking the Jus… Multitasking at it’s best.  You should be on the last turn of the veggies too!


I removed the beef and let it rest, the Jus was done, and removed the beautifully crisped veggies.

Oh.. the corn.. was done in the microwave  – easy peasy – instructions HERE – Perfect!

To serve, carve the meat.. it should look like this – succulant, pink, divine!!


I also served with some fancy looking lettuce and cherry tomatoes to add some colour.  Again.. I apologise, I am no food designer!



Will definitely do this again – it was the most amazing meal!! The Jus is to die for! Veggies.. so crisp and perfect – YUMMMMM!!!!

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