Curried Scallop Pie – pure indulgence – just a little ramble

Check out this website – Tasmanian Scallop Pie Company

I was born and raised in Tasmania – the seafood down there is the best in the world – and these pies are to die for!!

I decided one day to make my own, but of course finding fresh scallops here isn’t so easy – so had to use frozen.  I made up a curry sauce, and voila – scallop pie heaven!

Firstly I fried up the scallops, just a little on each side till ‘almost’ cooked through, in a garlic infused olive oil – and put them aside. They will cook a little more in the oven. Made up a very basic curry sauce from white sauce & adding some curry – This recipe will do it!

The sauce needs to be quite thick or the Puff Pastry will go limp.

Assembled the pies – with approximately 5 – 7 scallops in each and baked at 160C till the pastry was golden on top. My oven is ridiculous – you may need to alter that to what YOU would use for a pie..

Absolutely AMAZING!! If you haven’t tried these – or if you think it’s a bit off – don’t judge till you have had one! This isn’t like the ones you can get from the pie company – a slight twist of my own really – but they really are a taste delight! Unfortunately I have only one pic – of one pie!

Curried Scallop Pie
A taste sensation!

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