Pork Belly – a home favorite!

My 2nd born and I are in LOVE with pork belly – Normally it’s cooked in milk here – this one was done in a white wine.

I love to use a Jamie Oliver recipe for Baked Potatoes to ensure they’re crisp!

Try this! Roast Potatoes Parsnip & Carrots

This time, I used my own adaption – and did par boil the spuds beforehand – I grab the pot after pouring out the water, lid on, and shake it till they are all roughed up.  Then add a little oil, and some spices.  Here I used Herb & Garlic dip mix by YIAH – it’s purely perfect for roasting! Turn the veggies occasionally to prevent burning.

The pork – lemon & salt – rubbed into the grooves, and place the belly on a bed of chopped onion, celery & carrot – add some herbs (I used sprigs of basil this time), and pour in some wine.. but don’t let it touch the skin.  Bake at 200C for 20 mins – or until the crackle has started to crackle! Reduce the heat to 160 and cook for a further hour or so depending on how large your belly is (the PORK belly – not YOURS!! 😉 ) Remove the belly and place on a plate to rest.  I then remove the skin and place it back in the oven to finish off as it’s not usually so crackly – we like it to crunch!! I do this by placing a wire rack in a tray and laying the crackling on the rack.

While the veggies are finishing off have the pork covered in foil.

Meanwhile, you have a pan full of juices, strain this  and add some flour (a tb to start with – use more if you want a thicker gravy like I do), some seasoning, a dash of milk, mix with a fork and pop in the microwave a minute at a time till you get the consistency you need.

Serve with veggies, – here you see peas, potato, runner beans, pumpkin, carrot and maybe sweet potato too (cant’ remember – oops!) and some home made apple sauce.  Of course you can buy it, but.. it’s just a few apples – granny smith is my preference – sliced up – a tb water, and microwave for a few minutes and pureed! SO easy!

Just look at this crackling! This is my sons plate – he likes me to serve his crackling away from the gravy – but loves the gravy spread all over the rest of his meal!

Pork Belly
Pork Belly

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