Thai Green Chicken – Absolutely Amazing!!

I’m back – again! As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been AWOL a little while, but have been documenting in photos what food is worth sharing! So.. here is another one.

As you may be aware, I have become a YIAH consultant – purely because I LOVE their mixes of herbs & spices! Here is my website: YIAH

Sorry for the advertising – but not! If you want to be a consultant – from anywhere in the world – you can sign up through me – just drop me an email or contact me from the site. Your ‘kit’ will amaze you – so many free products to get you started in your own business!

You can also order anything from the catalogue from my site.  

Anyway – always experimenting with recipes.  This one I got from the YIAH recipe site but made it up as I went along – to make it my own.

I used a Thai dip mix – oh wow – the dip is amazing!! But you can use the dip mixes in dishes also.. so here goes..

YIAH Thai chicken
YIAH Thai chicken

To create this – I used about 2tb of the Thai dip mix – and 600g chicken thighs.  Slice the chicken thighs up into bite size pieces and toss in the dip mix till thoroughly coated.  You may wish to add more.. or less.

In a pan with garlic infused olive oil heated, add some chopped onion & crushed ginger – I love to chop mine the oriental way – it’s not uniform, but you get those delightful large pieces – trying to find a link to share but unsuccessful! I remember seeing it on youtube once but didn’t save it! Oops!

Add the chicken and cook, tossing occasionally – till the meat is cooked through.

I then add about half of a frozen packet of mixed Asian vegetables! Yes – that’s cheating – although I HAVE done it with fresh veggies.. where  you add them to the onions to soften.  My tagine is perfect for cooking this meal!

Add one can of coconut cream – and some cornflour – about a tb.. to thicken.. stir.. and add in some fish sauce (I use about a Tb) and allow the sauce to thicken.  Of course – the amount of cornflour is up to you! The Dip mix will then mix into the sauce and add the flavour.

I love to add some chopped parsley or baby spinach (as in the image below) to add a bit more colour.

This one shows another version I did with FRESH vegetables, as I mentioned above..

Add some baby spinach
Add some baby spinach

I like to serve this on coconut rice! OMG YUMMM!!

This has a really authentic flavour – and I will NEVER use a jar of Thai sauce again! What I love about it, too, is that you can develop this to the taste YOU like, rather than something someone else has decided to sell you.

I think I’ve mentioned before.. I don’t write recipes well.. but if you can make something from this I’d LOVE to hear about it! 😉

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