Bangers & Mash with a Twist (home style quick cook – needs practice!)

Nothing more boring than the old sausage.. so I asked my son tonight how he thought I could spice it up a bit! He asked me to do spiraled sausages (used that linked page to see how it’s done). I’ve never done them before – but gave it a go.

He also suggested adding some flavour – GREAT idea.. served with MY Mashed potato (a little too runny but still good) and some attempted spiraled carrots & peas.  Some sauce on the snags – and it was an absolute taste sensation.  Didn’t LOOK so good, but WOW it had some taste!!

I precooked the sausages in the fry pan and put them in the fridge to cool down and ‘harden’ a little.  Same with the carrots, steamed them and put them in the fridge.

After they had cooled down I put a skewer through each and sliced them to spiral them.  I think I could have gone a bit thinner – but still I was being very very careful! Then put the sausages and the carrots back in the fry pan (remove the skewer to let them spread a little).  Sprinkled some YIAH Meat Rub over the sausages, and some fine Parmesan and reheated them through, turning the carrots also.

In the meantime I had my spuds cooking in the Bellini – I like to add about a Tb of butter, a Tb of sour cream, salt & pepper to taste, and YIAH pumpkin fiesta dip mix (a heaped Tb) and milk to my requirements.  Went a bit overboard with this, but the taste was sensational!

Some peas.. microwaved, and serve with tomato sauce on the sausages.

Absolutely the best Bangers and Mash we have ever had!

Bangers & Mash
Bangers & Mash

YUMMO!!! Now to make it LOOK GOOD!

YIAH Spices
YIAH Spices

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