Thai Green Chicken (legs) my own twist

I forgot about THIS post! I said I was going to try my own twist – I DID – and it was gorgeous! Actually now I think about it – it’s nothing like the original recipe.

I used YIAH products – if you haven’t tried them.. do – they make my life much easier as I work full time.

So this was my take on Thai Green Chicken Legs. It was totally experimental but ‘the kids’ said they’d have it again – so it must have been ok.

I used a packet of frozen Thai veggies from the supermarket to go with this, and basmati rice – 2 cups.  You could either cook the rice the usual way – or do coconut rice.  To do this I add a can of coconut milk to the water (reduce the water accordingly) to cook it.  YUMMY!

Legs.. however many you want really! I did the dip and roll method.. ie a couple of eggs whisked up with a touch of milk – dipped the legs in flour, then the egg mix, then my Thai mix – which, I might add, I added some shredded coconut.  Ingredients are shown below.

Some ingredients YIAH

The YIAH Thai Green Curry mix is a dip mix.  To make the dip is simple! Sour Cream, egg mayo and the mix.. mix it up and pop in the fridge to let the flavours infuse – serve with cracker biscuits or whatever you desire!

How good does it look!! Gluten Free!

I put the legs aside.. here’s how they look now – yum!! I didn’t want to fry them first as I didn’t want them crisp..

Chicken legs

Some olive oil, chopped onions, into my Scanpan Tagine and softened the onions.  Then I put the chicken in, and about half a cup of water and placed the lid on.  The lid allows the juices to flow back down onto themselves.  I wasn’t too concerned about them burning – medium heat and just let it do its work, turning occasionally to ensure they didn’t burn on the bottom.  If you think it’s too dry, add a little water during cooking.

Once I was happy with the chicken, I removed it and threw the frozen veggies into the pan, cooked them up to almost the desired consistency.  My family do like them soft rather than crunchy.  Personal taste I think.

The chicken was placed back into the pan, and added thickened cream – as much as I felt like (!! Yeh yeh.. I know.. quantity would help!), a drizzle of the Citrus Grove, and a small drizzle of the lime juice.  I am not the best cook.. don’t know why – but it worked!

With the lid back on the pan, I let it simmer, stirring occasionally, till it looked ready.  Oh yes I should write a recipe book! Somehow I don’t think it would sell! I tend to go by taste rather than quantity when I make things up and never think to write down what I have used!!

Anyway, with the coconut rice, or plain rice, and this dished on top – we have the final product.  The flavours of the Thai Green Curry mix had infused beautifully and the taste was gorgeous!

One day I’ll refine my writing methods hey –  but at least it shows I’m just a normal working Mum who plays by trial and error  – just like most Mums!



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  1. Jhuls says:

    This looks so good! 😀


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