Thermomix Magic – variety

Since buying the Thermie, aka ‘Louise’ (Thermie & Louise?) I’ve done a LOT of trial & error cooking.  A Favorite mince dish I used to make years ago failed dismally and ended up like water.. have learned how to tame that since, but I still reckon it’s better done in a pan to savour the flavour!

Anyway, I decided I should make more bread.  Don’t really like to buy it – we don’t eat a lot of it.  This recipe is actually on the recipe chip you get with the TM5.

Second Prove
And.. VOILA!

SO easy! Stress free – apart from the ‘oven factor’ I have happening here! Still – it was gorgeous! One of my sons decided it was a pull apart – I also sliced some up and fried it with Parmesan to accompany another feed! VERY yummy – awesome with home made Blackberry Jam!

Also decided to make some ‘treats’ and wrap them for people at work, just for fun! I’m not so good at the arty farty side of presentation, still they were majorly impressed! Wanted to make some almond bread, but stupid me.. used the wrong nuts and used hazelnuts! It was SO good!

One of my sons gave me some baking dishes for Christmas, and luckily one was the perfect size to make the bread!

Baked, ready to slice
Sliced, ready to bake!
‘Hazelnut’ Bread, Caramel Fudge & Rum Balls – oh yeh!

All recipes can be found at or on the recipe chip!

After my rant the other day – I AM falling in love with my new machine. It’s very stress free, and LOOKS pretty in the kitchen 😉

LG – Life’s good! 😉



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