Thai Green Chicken Pies – leftovers!

So.. I made some Thai Green Chicken Curry.  We only have a family of 3 – 2 adult ‘kids’ and myself.  There was too much! What do you do with the leftovers, apart from putting it in containers for work the next day?

You make it into PIES! OH YUMMMM!! Made some pastry from my trusty cook book I’ve had forever, dang it’s good.. recipe here.. a photo of the actual page which is VERY used (had this book since I was 15.. I’m now 52..).  The book fell apart, so I ‘cut’ the pages out and put them in a folder – very rough! The brown on the pages? Parisian essence spills!

recipe pastry.jpg
The ONLY Flaky Pastry recipe I EVER use! SO good!


Far From perfect ‘looking’ but ever so good!

I do make pies out of a lot of leftovers – they freeze, and are a great snack.  Do them ‘party pie’ size – awesome quick filler for the kids!  This was gorgeous and I think I’ll be making another batch specifically to freeze some time soon!

Here is my Thai Recipe which I use YIAH products.. because it really IS just as good as using what you get from the supermarket!



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