Skinnymixers Butter Chicken

Had to try it! With the new Thermomix, and being a member of a lot of facebook Thermie groups – this one is one of the most talked about dishes! I wasn’t a big fan of Butter Chicken.. till now! Had only tried it pre-made from the supermarket – never again I swore!

But, as I said, I had to try this most raved about meal.  I now understand….

I also made Naan Bread – just plain, but it was a must! Sad part though? I did the rice in my rice cooker, and FAILED! How can you fail in a rice cooker? OMG!!

Anyway, here are the links to the recipes I used.  I won’t paste them in here as they are quite lengthy. For me, this took all afternoon but others have managed it in an hour.

Skinnymixers Butter Chicken

Nelle’s Naan Bread

Oh.. I’m one of the people who can’t even begin liking coriander!

Love-Hate Herb – Coriander

Cashew Nuts
First up was to mill the Cashews – it took merely seconds! Put aside till the very last step!
a (1 of 1)-8
Diced fresh chicken breast.  I have seen this done with thigh also, I think the thigh could be better as it retains the moisture better – still this was divine!
a (1 of 1)-7
Fresh Ginger, Garlic.. YUM!
a (1 of 1)-4
The marinade – absolutely gorgeous! I used food colouring to achieve this colour. I put this in the fridge for a few hours as I took this VERY slowly.. 
a (1 of 1)-5
While marinating the chook – first I made the tomato sauce, then washed the Thermomix – and made some Naan Bread! LOVE how it bubbles!
a (1 of 1)-6
a (1 of 1)-9
Minus the green from the coriander – I guess I should have put ‘something’ on there – even a sprig of parsley! Still – how good does this look! It was truly amazing!

So.. in a nutshell – I gave this a 10/10! My sons did also, in fact went back for seconds! There was even enough to freeze a couple of meals for lunches! I’ll do this again, it’s a keeper, but first will try the one that comes with the Thermomix Cookbook and compare.  They’re quite different.

Wondering if I should take some in for the Indian guys at work and see how ‘authentic’ it really is!

So after my rant the other day about the Thermi vs Bellini – I AM enjoying this machine! It’s very simple and user friendly, not so hard to clean (Bellini was a bit easier for some reason).

If you own a Thermomix or similar, and haven’t tried this – get on it!

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  1. vannillarock says:

    You are so right! This is the simplest tastiest meal.

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