Chinese.. a cook up..

I’m feeling lazy – been cooking for a couple of days to prepare a feast for some visitors.  It was awesome and not much left of it!

Photos are bad – apologies there – snuck them on my phone LOL

Recipe – Chicken Spring Rolls – Diners requested the recipe.. they must be good!

Om nom nom!

Along with this (yes a brief Posting with nothing but links.. sorry!)

Fried Rice  – really beautiful – wish I had prawns!!

fried rice

Stir Fry Noodles.. (followed the recipe.. mine don’t look white!) – this was to die for!!

soy veggie noodles

*That* Lemon Chicken – I don’t have a deep fryer.. but this was SO good.. double batch – went quickly!

lemon chicken

Sweet & Sour Pork – amazing what a bit of photo manipulation can do to a photo.. obviously I didn’t do it.. but WOW this was truly amazing! A Keeper!


Asian Vegetables – this was also delish – however – a little too wet! I cooked a double batch and could have  held back a bit on the saucy bits!

asian vegetables

It was SO delish!! I attempted also, some home made prawn crackers but they failed dismally!

Delicious Feast.. all fed well and the guests took home all the leftovers LOL

YUM! Everything went really well together.  Was planning on doing Wonton Soup as well, but decided that would be going a tad ‘too’ far 😉

Enjoy the recipes – no they’re not mine, but all tried and trusted and I’ll be going back to them ALL!



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