Chicken Wonton Soup – Thermomix

The new Thermomix is really getting a workout! Today I decided to try the Chicken Wonton Soup.  I will again only provide links to the recipe – as it’s quite lengthy! It was gorgeous and I will definitely do it again, next time though, when there are more people to eat it! There’s just the 3 of us here, and I had a lot of wonton mix left over – which I’ll be making up tomorrow to try in the air fryer.

The links:

Chicken Wonton Soup

Justine Schofield – a how to video

The making of the wonton filling – so simple and quick! The aroma was amazing! 
First time ever ‘making’ the wontons.  They look messy hey.. practice will get these perfect I hope! 
Made a boo-boo! I put the wontons on while cooking the broth.  Was removed shortly after this image was taken to continue doing it the right way! The Chicken legs are in, and all the other necessary tasties.  Smelling SO SO good! 
The finished product, which I’m proud of as I’m no chef.. but it certainly looks the goods! Tasty and filling – very very more-ish! 

Highly recommend trying this one.  It did take me longer than the suggested 1hr 50 mins – but I’m slow because I don’t want to mess it up (like I almost did!).



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