Savoury Sausages – Central Cookery Book (Tasmania)

I have just added a Thermomix Version to the Recipe Community – adapted to suit the TM5 – Check it out: Curried Sausages

Have renamed it due to a lot of people searching for Curried Sausages – seems a popular search! Enjoy!

Webbed Food

THIS is by far, the BEST curried sausages recipe ever.  We have tried many, but always fall back on this one!

My mother had the Central Cookery Book as a text book for school – I had to have one, and bought one when I moved out of home for the first time! Been using it since!  Now my boys want a copy each.

You can get this book either on eBay or here: Central Cookery Book/A C Irvine

No.. I’m not getting a commission – but it’s the best book I have ever owned, it taught me how to cook, and every recipe is adaptable! Anyway, on with the Curried Sausages! The veggie slice is on another page, goes perfectly with this feed!

a (1 of 1)-5

Here is the recipe – and I’m going to share a picture of the page because it shows just how often this book has been used!


You’ll notice…

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