Canned Mackerel/Sardine curry.. oh yummm

I got this recipe from a lovely wordpress blogger! Mine doesn’t look quite as good, but it’s deeeeelicious! Thank you to:


This is yet another of my breakfasts to take in to the crew at work tomorrow.  I also made another Seeni Sambol – but this time added some dried fish.  Oh wow!! Adds a whole new dimension!

Here is the recipe from Ceylonese Delicious Dishes –

Canned Mackerel/Sardine curry (hot and spicy) – Sri Lankan Style (“Samon (salmon) Hoddha”)

And my little journey.. I’m not adding the recipe – you can go on over to the page and have a look.  SO good!! I had tried this at work the other week and had to attempt cooking it – this recipe did not fail me – tastes amazing!

Preparation.. YUM!!
chopped fish
Darn Phone pics! They don’t do it justice! This can had 2 large pieces.. I attempted to break it up but it wasn’t that successful, would have liked larger pieces.  Still – the taste is the same!
finished fish
In the bowl, ready to take in to work.  Tastes absolutely amazing!

And, here is the 2nd attempt at Seeni Sambol – this time with dried fish flakes added.  The guys asked me to do it again 🙂 Happy Dance!! Link below for that recipe.

I really think you could serve this with EVERYTHING – SO SO good!

Here’s the link to the recipe:

Seeni sambol (Sri Lanka)

LOVING this Journey!! Such gorgeous food!! ❤ ❤

I’m back with an edit.  The response to my dishes? I have been asked… if I’m a CHEF in disguise!  The guys have been blown away with my dishes, and can’t believe I’m not a trained chef!! I guess the difference is.. I use fresh ingredients and don’t take shortcuts by using bottled sauces.  I really don’t know!

SO happy to satisfy their senses 😉



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  1. rasakama says:

    It is a great pleasure to hear that you really enjoyed the dish ! Thank you and all the best !


    1. Webbed Food says:

      I brought it in to work today and the boys loved it! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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