Harmony Day – DAMPER

This is my contribution to Harmony Day – which we’re holding at work tomorrow.

At work we are covering around 15 different countries! The word has spread, and we have upper management coming to have a look at what we are doing – pretty exciting!

I have spent all day printing and laminating in preparation, also have hundreds of little flags to cut out which will be stuck on our bright red lunch room wall haha!!

I’m a die hard Aussie.. born and raised in Tasmania, generations before me were born in Australia – so what better feed to provide than the good old Aussie Damper, with choices for those at work – Vegemite – a staple here – strawberry jam (home made in the thermomix) and golden syrup – plus some beautiful home made (thermomixed again) butter!

I will post pics of our morning in due course.. but here’s my damper.. and the link to the recipe I used – which was not provided by an Aussie but is very much how it’s REALLY done!!

Crisp on the outside.. can’t wait to see how it looks INSIDE – will reheat a little in the oven tomorrow at work! OMG YUM!

the link? DAMPER

Lots of hours.. minimal work 😉

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