Whole Egg Curry – adapted recipe (Sri Lanka)

Ohh.. am I learning flavour!! Tonight I decided to make a whole egg curry because there was an overabundance of eggs here.  Googled like mad till I found a recipe that was do-able – then adapted it slightly to suit.. according to my adorable colleagues. Hoping this fits the bill 😉

Here is the recipe I worked from: Egg Curry: Sri Lanka Recipes – Milani’s Kitchen

We have a ton of string hoppers at work – leftover from our Harmony Day – so this will go well with them in the morning.  Later – I will post a pic of the complete feed, but for now you will just get the cookings – albeit very brief 😉

Here is a pic of ‘some’ of the food from Harmony Day – we represented 16 countries – pretty impressive.  For legal reasons I’m not including pics of the event.

Just a small selection of the offerings today – Chinese, Indian, Aussie, New Zealand and Greek

So.. back to the egg curry! I hardboiled 8 eggs, peeled them and sliced them in half.  This was seen in ‘some’ websites, whereas others choose to use whole.  In my opinion, whole would probably be preferable, but I want this to stretch a little since we have the string hoppers and other feeds to share.

egg spice
Starting with some oil (I used coconut oil and a little butter to save the pan)  onions, chopped, 3 chillies (I used 2 green and one red), an inch of pandan, and curry leaves – fried till the onion was golden brown.

I then added a can of chopped tomatoes, cooked for 2 mins, then added the other spices and combined well.  Instead of ‘milk’ as it says in the recipe, I then used coconut milk.  Aroma to die for – flavour – out of this world!!!! Once it had all cooked through and bubbled (as written) I added the egg halves.

eggcurry n
I can NOT peel eggs.. link below for a way to do it.

When I boiled the eggs, I added some white vinegar. Why? I don’t know.. read somewhere that it makes it easier to peel them.  Here is a link from Martha Stewart on how to perfectly peel an egg. I still didn’t get them perfect though!

How to peel an egg!

Anyway – feed is packaged up for tomorrow’s offerings.

egg curry

Recipe (with my adaption included – please refer to the original link above)

  • 1 Onion – sliced
    2 green and one red Green chillies – sliced
    1/2 Fenugreek seeds (Uluhal)
    1 inch piece of cinnamon stick
    1 inch piece of Rampe (pandan leaves) – if available
    1 inch sprig of karapincha (curry leaves) – if available
    1 1/2 table spoon coconut oil
  • 1 tb butter
    1 Can of choppedTomatoes
    1.5 Cups of Coconut Milk
    1 teaspoon of Salt
    1/10 teaspoon of turmeric (Kaha kudu)
    1 table spoons of red chillie powder
    2 tablespoon of Roasted Curry Powder
    12 Eggs – Hard Boiled – peeled and each cut in half

Put the oil & butter in a saucepan and fry the first seven ingredients.
When the onions are fried golden brown add the can of tomatoes the chilli powder, turmeric and salt and cook for a few minutes.
Then add the milk and curry powder and when it starts to bubble add the Eggs, salt to taste and let it simmer for awhile and serve.
6 Servings.

Hopefully this will go well – it smells and tastes amazing!!!



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