Creamy Beef Curry – Thermomix

Decided to go away from the Sri Lankan cooking for a night.  Actually – I prepared this over 2 nights, as I needed the  Thermomix for all 3 parts of the meal.

This was delicious, cooked it first, served the following night with the rice & naan, then we had it again the following night – each night it got better!

Very easy ! Used sour cream,  also served sour cream on the side to dollop on top.

One word: GORGEOUS.

Night two I prepared the naan, which was then ready to cook in the pan once the rice was cooking. Multitasking at its best here 😉 Timing it all perfectly, I reheated the beef in the microwave so it was all hot to serve.  YUM!!

Pictorial below.. and below that, the links to the thermomix recipes I used, all from the recipe community! Awesome stuff – a definite keeper!

I must apologize for the photo quality – I get lazy and use the phone a lot – shame on me!

The finished product.  SO creamy and delicious!
Blurry!! UGH.. but the rice was placed in a thermo-type server which kept it warm.
Another angle.. Just because I can haha! Terrible photos – sorry!!

Here are the links, I won’t put the recipes in here – easier to just click and go for 3 recipes!

Naan Bread: – super easy – very tasty! I used sour cream instead of yoghurt.

Biryani Rice: – great as a side to many dishes

Creamy Beef Curry: – superb!






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