Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Again I had to make a minor adjustment – but this is good, yes? Shows there are other options available.  I didn’t have bacon, but did have chorizo – so opted for that instead and it was AWESOME!

This was the accompaniment to my Apricot BBQ Chicken wings – they went well together!

Super super easy – just par boil the spuds – smash them (used a meat tenderiser) drizzle with oil (or your choice), the chorizo (bacon – as it is written), cheese, & salt – and whack in the oven till ready.  Once cooked sprinkle with chives & cheese.. (I used green spring onions) and serve with some sour cream.  YUM!!


Everyone just loves a simple recipe!

The skin is super crispy!! SO good! I did turn them once during cooking too. Potato is soft and yummy!

Bon appetite!


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