Milk Toffee (kiri aluwa) – Sri Lanka

We had 2 Birthdays at work – one of them was a beautiful guy from Sri Lanka, the other from Mauritius.  The wife of the colleague from Sri Lanka got up at 2am to prepare a huge feast for us all at work – amazing lady – amazing cook! A few of us also contributed, my tiny offering was Milk Toffee.  Oh yum!! SO Delicious.  My photo does not show it so much but yes I did include the nuts!

It was a lovely feast, so much food – and I overate and felt crappy for the rest of the day haha, but had to try it all 😉 I am addicted to anything that has chilli in it I think ??

From this link:

  • it says – are peppers addictive?
  • yes, peppers are addictive. peppers contain capsaicin, a natural chemical that sends a burning sensation from the nerve endings in the mouth to the brain. the body defends itself against this pain sensation by secreting endorphins, natural painkillers that cause a physical “rush” – a high that keeps us coming back for more. so indulge your pepper cravings, and rest assured that you will soon build a tolerance.

Also I had a little read of this one: 

milk toffee3
Milk & sugar into the pan.. stir.. and stir.. and stir some more haha!! Add the nuts etc.. and keep stirring.. 
milk toffee2
Press into a baking tray.. slice.. and voila!
milk toffee
Here’s my toffee. It was actually more like a fudge, I got a bit scared it would be overcooked.  It was delicious anyway, and didn’t last long!

Here is the recipe link : MILK TOFFEE

Great pictorial on the page too so you can follow it and see how it should look.

And.. the breakfast at work?? SOME of the food is shown here.. amazing spread – and got to try some other delicious sweet foods!

Oh YUM!!!





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