What to top a pizza with? A hint..

I see so many people asking what to put on a pizza – so thought I’d just share a tip we use here.

Save some pizza menus! We have some on our fridge, so when pizza night comes, I prepare the base – always an adaption of the recipe done in the thermomix:

PIZZA BASE: add herbs & spices according to what you want.. yum!

Then just make a pizza according to everyone’s wishes.  Of course, there are a ton of different pizza base recipes you can use – and I don’t always use the one above.  Personally I really love gluten free bases as they are crisp and delish!

Here’s one from last night, my son’s order.  It was awesome! (yes had to taste it!)

Tomato/garlic/herb sauce, topped with 4 cheeses pizza mix, salami, chorizo, baby roma tomato, capsicum, spring onions (the white part) & a sprinkling of chilli salt & pepper

Why buy when you can create!

I used to make pizzas by putting all the ingredients on the bottom layers.. then cover it with cheese.. was doing it all wrong.. cheese first.. then the rest.. a couple of sprinkles of cheese on top makes it look good too 😉

Feast and be merry..


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