Deep Pan Pizza

No recipe – but thought I’d try a deep pan using the ‘chip’ from the Thermomix.  If you’re not a thermomix user, it’s a little round disc that attaches to the side and has recipes in it, you cook along with the recipe and voila – finished product.

So.. to get it ‘deep pan’ I used a slightly thicker base – and let it prove a 2nd time.  Baked in the oven for a bit to let it rise, but not crisp up – then topped it and put it back in the oven on a pizza tray (has holes in it).  Success! Anyway, just because I can – here’s some pics.  I cut some capsicum into shapes for my 2nd born.. awwww

Mine was delish.. those white globs are bocconcini – yummm
And an I ❤ U for my son

Pizza is always welcome in this house.  Who doesn’t love the stuff!!



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