Eye Fillet with Red Wine Jus & Roast Veggies

Doing this again today.. old recipe revisited.. drooling!! I have SO much to share at the moment and no time to blog.. ARGH!! Going to need a weekend or 2 to catch up!

Webbed Food

I got paid, and felt like a treat! Went to the butcher and picked the most gorgeous looking slab of eye fillet I have ever seen! Again.. I don’t do recipes well – but hopefully you can work from this.  Please ask questions and give feedback.  The images are taken with my phone, so not as clear as I’d like.  This meal was amazing!

Firstly – my eye fillet was 700g – I learned there are two ends of it.. I got the one that apparently is the most tender.  Good choice!

To prepare the meat, I put some oil in a roasting pan, and about half a cup of wine.  I tied the meat to keep it in shape as it was a little messy.. didn’t want burnt bits, so wrapped it neatly and put a few ties on.  Meat – into the pan, and put some herbs over…

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