Favorite Tools

The Tagine – what is it? Probably the most used piece in my kitchen. The flavours that come from it are amazing – slow cooked foods are self basted.  I find this really easy to clean, and it is dishwasher and oven safe.

A link to a review is below the image.

Can't live without it
Can’t live without it


Thermomix TM5: Thermomix Australia

I started off with the Bellini Kitchenmaster – however the curiosity got the better of me.  I was the biggest skeptic.  The Bellini proved to me that I would get use out of this $2k machine, so bit the bullet and purchased one.  It’s amazing! I use this once a day – up to several times a day! Still, there is nothing like pan fried.. with some foods 😉


The Amazing Slicer! ***LINK*** – but don’t buy one from the site I linked to – you CAN get them a LOT cheaper – try eBay – or.. if you’re lucky like me, there will be a local store that sells all the ‘TV advertised’ goodies! I paid $29 for mine – I  broke the first one and took it back – to be honest I think I was a bit rough with it! Anyway they happily replaced it and I do LOVE this! It’s also used daily – especially to feed my wild birds some fresh fruit & nectar!

Kitchen Chef 2.2L Air Fryer: They do come in other sizes, 2.2L is ample for me.  This product has replaced the need for oven cooking in a lot of cases – although not always.  Very useful also for reheating – my family use this almost daily! Easy to use 🙂 Here is a Video – although this shows the 3.2L – mine is the same.. just a little smaller.

Image sourced from the www

That Wooden Spoon!   – it has a history! It was hidden up in the roof for YEARS, and nobody in the family admitted to putting it up the manhole! I inherited it.. it’s been in use since I was a child 🙂


Arcosteel 1-2-3 Knife Sharpener – Keeps my knives sharp – no more onion tears.. less accidents in the kitchen from forcing blunt knives through things!

Chop finely
Chop finely


A good set of knives goes a long way.  I actually sharpen these ones with a stone



Egg Timer: Absolutely LOVE this thing! They’re so cheap in discount stores – never fail at cooking eggs perfectly again LOL



A good set of Frying pans is useful too – Have a ton of them, they were really clogging up the cupboards so have bought a fry pan stacker that fits nicely into one corner – space saving – and pan saving! Similar to this one…


Another very handy tool – SO cheap on eBay – is the oven thermometer.  My oven is SO ridiculous – if I want 200c I need to set it to 100c – and so on.  This makes my life much easier so I can stop burning everything!


My biggest dream is a butlers pantry.. sadly I can’t just go and buy one and put it in my kitchen 😉




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